How to Get the Spark Back

After a couple of years our sex life runs a bit stale. This isn’t even something that just happens to couples but oftentimes single men and women also become very complacent in bed and this leads to them not trying new things or worse… being okay with mediocre sex.

1478371266_staff_141_581e27c2af00eMediocre sex, like mediocre anything, is never acceptable and much less when it comes to your sex life. When we are having wonderful satisfying sex lives we feel good in general. Or mental health simply sky rockets because we are sensual beings and we need our needs met. If this sounds frivolous you might be misinterpreting the information because sex does not and should never be empty. Sex is all about deep and penetrating connections, about truly opening up completely and letting in the other person into the most intimate thing you can do with another human being. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily want a relationship with this other person but that for that moment you want them to be the one to take you to your most vulnerable and show you that they too can be there.

So, whether you’re young or older and want to get some life back into your sex life it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and find a place where sex and connections can coincide. It’s not such a hard thing to do but learning it after years of thinking you need to keep a ‘safe distance’ from people can be a bit complicated. In London, however, there are many options for you to feel more comfortable opening up about sex. From orgasm therapies to erotic massages you just have to take your pick on what you want to do and launch a full assault toward it.

If you are prepared for the absolutely amazing experience that is an erotic massage in London be sure to stop by There you’ll find the most amazing women a process for booking that’s easy and safe. You’ll definitely thank yourself for being daring enough to start having the best sex life you’ve ever had. If you’re not single don’t worry… there are plenty of masseuses happy to do couple’s massages as well as singles.

London escort Britney wearing a pretty little number

Ideal occasions to book your London escorts

If you have made it to this website, then all odds dictate that chances are that you are an individual in London who books the occasional escort or two. Or more, who’s counting? So for all your London Punters out there, this article details some of the finer examples of situations where hiring an escort is a perfect. We’ve got some of our favorites in here, be sure to check them out by heading over to the website It might give you a few ideas to set up your next incall or outcall!

London escort Britney wearing a pretty little number
Image Source: London Seduction escort agency.

Best times and occasions to book a London escort

  • Parties. Obviously a popular one, whenever you’re at a party, big or small- it’s always appropriate to throw an escort or two into the mix. If you’re planning or joining a party, bringing an escort is perfectly acceptable and if you book the right girls they will definitely know how to make it more interesting. We’re not talking some Wolf on Wall Street party here, you can bring escorts to something low key too, with the bonus being that she’s probably going to have a good time partying too.
  • Stag or Hen do. This is a staple part of every Stag night or Hen party. If you go to one and there isn’t an escort, stripper or companion present at some point, I honestly do not think you should be allowed to call it a Hen night or Stag party. You need strippers or escorts, there’s no other way to go about it.
  • Business function. Little did you might not know, many London escorts (especially the high class ones), double over as excellent companions for public business dinners and events. If you shop for the right girl to suit the occasion, not only will she hang off your arm looking beautiful all evening, she’ll also be quite competent at talking you up to your peers. Plus, she can accompany you back to your hotel room afterwards, can’t get much better than that, can it?
  • Dates. Not all gentlemen like to go out dating, especially with the way the whole courting process works these days. In many cases, hiring an escort for a dinner date might actually end up costing you less and gaining you more ultimately, in real dating it doesn’t work out. Taking an escort out for a date is a guaranteed success and an enjoyable meal with some nice conversation.
  • Holidays. If you’ve never heard of an escort holiday it’s the thing dreams are made of. Many escorts work internationally, and you can book a fantastic lady to come abroad with you for your trip. Escort holidays are great if you can find the perfect escort to accompany you.
  • Days out. Who said you couldn’t bring along an escort for a day of fun activity? Having done this myself in the past, I can honestly say I’ve had more fun out in London with escorts than I have had anywhere else. Just get in touch with your favourite girl, and offer to treat her to a day at Alton Towers or something like that. It’s a lot of fun.

Off the top of our heads these are many ideal situations where hiring an escort can get more fun out of the experience. If you feel we’ve missed any or want to add anything please leave a comment and we’ll get right on it. Have a good day folks!

punting for London escorts

When someone like me talks about ‘punting” we do not mean for for a ride out in a funny type of small boat wearing a silly straw hat, to people like me the term “punting” refers to our little hobby of having sex with escorts, yes punting is the exchange of money for sexual favors with woman.

I know that I really shouldn’t be writing an article like this but thought that it would help some of you out there see a little insight into what we do and what we like. I for one see nothing wrong in it, the escort girls that we see are here to earn money and believe me they do and lots of it. They all live in beautiful apartments and live a life that many of us could only dream of.

Escort Online Communities

Where do we find such ladies? Well, we go on the internet, there are loads of Escort forums that we use to share information on girls that we have seen, how they looked and how they performed. I personally always use an agency, there are loads of escort agencies in London but only a very few are really good and I would only ever use one that I trust, of course, these agencies do not condone us going all the way, they just act as an introduction, I don’t even think they know what goes on sometimes.

The banner image from PunterNet an online resource for information on Escort related information.
PunterNet Forum

London Escort Agencies

By using agencies I have seen hundreds of girls over just the past couple of years, I am betting that I see at least 3 girls a week, sometimes for 30 minutes and sometimes for an hour, always at their place, so over the course of a years that could number anywhere up to £150 London escorts.

When you look at it that way the figure is a little mind blowing, there is no way in the world that I could ever have had that many girls if I were just meeting them under “normal’ circumstances but to me and the millions like me around the world this is normal, my life is normal, I just love woman and the best way for me to get to meet up with them is by using escorts.

Whatever you think of it I so no wrong in what I do, you would love it if you gave it a try, I have had girls on their own, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, I have tried anal, reverse anal in fact anything sexual that you care to think of I have done.

How lucky am I?!

Big Chests In Cheshire

When walking through the towns of glamorous north Cheshire it is instantly apparent that many of the ladies who live there have had a little help to look as good as they do. They strut down the street in sky high Louboutin heels with a designer hand bag perched on their arm. Their freshly blow-dried hair is impossibly long, thick and glossy thanks to the real hair extensions they pay thousands of pounds for. Looking at their faces you see perfect airbrushed skin with a distinct lack of movement in their forehead and eyebrows and their lips pout to perfection. Botox and fillers and are pumped into their faces to achieve this unnatural look. Most of the ladies you see also have another distinct pair of assets that sit loud and proud on the chests of these perfectly preened ladies. Breast enlargement appears to be a rite of passage for the glamorous house wives and wags of Cheshire.

For centuries men have been obsessed with big boobs, the gentlemen of the renaissance worshipped ladies with a big bosom and bottom and in the era of old Hollywood the buxom hour glass figure of Marilyn Monroe was longed for by ladies and gentlemen alike. In Cheshire natural beauty is quite often enhanced, with the boob job being the most popular procedure with the ladies of this glorious county. Some ladies simply want a little boost and opt for natural looking breasts, going from an A or B to a C. Although quite a lot of ladies go to the extreme and have breast implants that are far too large for their petite figures. Ladies such as Marilyn Monroe had the figure to carry off large breasts, her curvaceous hips and tiny waist perfectly complimented her buxom breasts.

Many Cheshire ladies of today are not blessed with an hourglass figure and have their large implants perched on their slight frames and some look as though they could fall over at any moment. When done correctly enlarged breasts can look beautiful, but when done to the extreme can look awful. Cheshire’s most beautiful ladies the Cheshire escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts are blessed with the most fabulous of figures and the most beautiful breasts. These Cheshire escorts do not fill their face with fillers and Botox or have impossible large implants placed into their chest. They understand less is more, they are sexy, classy and quite simply sensational.