Big Chests In Cheshire

When walking through the towns of glamorous north Cheshire it is instantly apparent that many of the ladies who live there have had a little help to look as good as they do. They strut down the street in sky high Louboutin heels with a designer hand bag perched on their arm. Their freshly blow-dried hair is impossibly long, thick and glossy thanks to the real hair extensions they pay thousands of pounds for. Looking at their faces you see perfect airbrushed skin with a distinct lack of movement in their forehead and eyebrows and their lips pout to perfection. Botox and fillers and are pumped into their faces to achieve this unnatural look. Most of the ladies you see also have another distinct pair of assets that sit loud and proud on the chests of these perfectly preened ladies. Breast enlargement appears to be a rite of passage for the glamorous house wives and wags of Cheshire.

For centuries men have been obsessed with big boobs, the gentlemen of the renaissance worshipped ladies with a big bosom and bottom and in the era of old Hollywood the buxom hour glass figure of Marilyn Monroe was longed for by ladies and gentlemen alike. In Cheshire natural beauty is quite often enhanced, with the boob job being the most popular procedure with the ladies of this glorious county. Some ladies simply want a little boost and opt for natural looking breasts, going from an A or B to a C. Although quite a lot of ladies go to the extreme and have breast implants that are far too large for their petite figures. Ladies such as Marilyn Monroe had the figure to carry off large breasts, her curvaceous hips and tiny waist perfectly complimented her buxom breasts.

Many Cheshire ladies of today are not blessed with an hourglass figure and have their large implants perched on their slight frames and some look as though they could fall over at any moment. When done correctly enlarged breasts can look beautiful, but when done to the extreme can look awful. Cheshire’s most beautiful ladies the Cheshire escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts are blessed with the most fabulous of figures and the most beautiful breasts. These Cheshire escorts do not fill their face with fillers and Botox or have impossible large implants placed into their chest. They understand less is more, they are sexy, classy and quite simply sensational.