punting for London escorts

When someone like me talks about ‘punting” we do not mean for for a ride out in a funny type of small boat wearing a silly straw hat, to people like me the term “punting” refers to our little hobby of having sex with escorts, yes punting is the exchange of money for sexual favors with woman.

I know that I really shouldn’t be writing an article like this but thought that it would help some of you out there see a little insight into what we do and what we like. I for one see nothing wrong in it, the escort girls that we see are here to earn money and believe me they do and lots of it. They all live in beautiful apartments and live a life that many of us could only dream of.

Escort Online Communities

Where do we find such ladies? Well, we go on the internet, there are loads of Escort forums that we use to share information on girls that we have seen, how they looked and how they performed. I personally always use an agency, there are loads of escort agencies in London but only a very few are really good and I would only ever use one that I trust, of course, these agencies do not condone us going all the way, they just act as an introduction, I don’t even think they know what goes on sometimes.

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London Escort Agencies

By using agencies I have seen hundreds of girls over just the past couple of years, I am betting that I see at least 3 girls a week, sometimes for 30 minutes and sometimes for an hour, always at their place, so over the course of a years that could number anywhere up to £150 London escorts.

When you look at it that way the figure is a little mind blowing, there is no way in the world that I could ever have had that many girls if I were just meeting them under “normal’ circumstances but to me and the millions like me around the world this is normal, my life is normal, I just love woman and the best way for me to get to meet up with them is by using escorts.

Whatever you think of it I so no wrong in what I do, you would love it if you gave it a try, I have had girls on their own, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, I have tried anal, reverse anal in fact anything sexual that you care to think of I have done.

How lucky am I?!